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Karpenter Desk

Karpenter Desk

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Solid Teak 

130cm L x 70cm D x 75cm H

Sleek and modern with beautiful symmetry, the Vintage office desk by Karpenter can help stimulate creativity. The use of cool and sophisticated natural materials relieve stress, which makes this table ideal for those in a busy, modern lifestyle. It is designed to showcase the patterns and textures of natural timber, which make every piece unique. Made in solid 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Reclaimed Teak this beautiful and refreshing piece of office furniture will make you happy to sit and work.

With a discreet soft closing drawer to tuck away the clutter than threatens to sometimes consume us, this desk is a place to spend some practical time at.

Clearance Height for chairs for Vinatge desk is 65cm

*Timber is a natural material. Variation in appearance and properties is an enticing part of designing and building with real timber! Each fibre in each plank in each project is uniquely designed by nature.



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