C L A U D E S A Y S – What is it about flowers that one longs for it always and always? Is it the lustful colours that catches your eye, the delicate fresh scent that makes you take the longest breath in or is it just because it’s naturally beautiful. Whatever it is, it never seeks your attention yet it has your full. ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodeslfeurs‬ ‪#‎flowerseveryday‬ ‪#‎tuesdayspecials‬ ‪#‎listentoclaude‬ Posted 9 August 2016

C H Y K A    A P P R O V E S – Love spoiling a beautiful woman like Chyka! Welcome back and looking forward to your stylish posts! COCO des FLEURS Cocoluxur ‪#‎blushroses‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎boxedflowers‬ ‪#‎Repost‬ @chykak with @repostapp
So excited to have been at work today and received these stunning roses from @cocoluxur! What a great suprise and seriously love the packaging. Thanks guys for spoiling me! ‪#‎work‬ ‪#‎suprise‬ ‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎stunning‬ ‪#‎thankyou‬ @thebiggroupinstagram @thedesigndepotinstagram Posted 8 August 2016

F A R E W E L L – There will be people who will come and go in your life. Show the special ones how much they mean with our luggage boxed roses ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎blush roses‬ Posted 5 August 2016

W H A T ‘ S   O N   Y O U R   M I N D ? On this glorious Friday, what is on your mind? Smoke bomb exit from work, excited to catch with friends, tell the boss they can wait, or going on a fancy date? Do tell ❤️??? ‪#‎redroses‬ ‪#‎freshroses‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 5 August 2016

K I M Y E – Love making our customers feel like Kim & Kanye COCO des FLEURS Cocoluxur ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎birthdaypresent‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎whiterosesaremyfavorite‬ ‪#‎Repost‬ @jasists with @repostapp
Birthday Flowers from the gorgeous @lauren.salta you’ve made me feel like Kim that time Kanye bought her hundreds of roses ?
‪#‎birthday‬ ‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎flowers‬ Posted 3 August 2016

10K followers! WOW, we are thanking you for your support with this awesome competition! Share this post on Facebook or Tag 2 friends on Instagram and win our Signature boxed of fresh roses ! ?? @rachelfirth_ ‪#‎competition‬ Cocoluxur COCO des FLEURS ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎boxedflowers‬ ‪#‎blush‬ ‪#‎leaves‬ ‪#‎autumn‬ Posted 31 July 2016

S A M A N T H A   J A D E – in Melbourne for her show, the lovely Samantha Jade enjoying our beautiful boxed roses ‪#‎hotpinkforhotlady‬ ‪#‎toosweet‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎repost‬ @samantha_jade_music with @repostapp
Such A Fun Weekend in beautiful Melbourne Thank You for the beautiful roses @cocodesfleurs ??? Posted 31 July 2016

S A T U R D A Y   R E A D Y – Everything is set and ready for a Saturday night out at The Marriott Melbourne. ‪#‎luxurytime‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎marriotthotel‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎Repost‬ @melbmarriott with @repostapp
It’s Saturday and our celebrations have begun. We have decided on our holiday treat and selected cocktails in the bar before dinner! ‪#‎WeekendLove‬ Posted 31 July 2016

S A T U R D A Y   S P E C I A L – Our deep pink roses delivered to some very special ladies ‪#‎watchthisspace‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎soexcited‬ Posted 31 July 2016

B L U S H E S – Many different types of blushing blooms. Absolutely love flowers in the house every week! ‪#‎boxedflowers‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ Posted 29 July 2016

P E T T I F L E U R – Our box of beauties enjoyed by the fabulous @pettifleur of ‪#‎rhom‬. Not only are they good looking, but they smell devine too ? ?? ‪#‎repostapp‬
Received this gorgeous box of flowers from @cocoluxur thank you so much. The are fresh and smell beautiful. Cocoluxur COCO des FLEURS ‪#‎rhomelbourne‬ ‪#‎arenatv‬ ‪#‎foxtel‬ Posted 28 July 2016

T O O   M A N Y   F A V O U R I T E S – How many favourite things do you have? Love every thing we see here, some of life’s essentials to make you feel fab ~ Friday is near ? ‪#‎redroses‬ ‪#‎moetglass‬ ‪#‎boyfriendchanel‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎whitemoet‬ Posted 28 July 2016

V I B R A N T   R E D – In love with our popular vibrant red roses! How to spoil a girl 101! ‪#‎spoilher‬ ‪#‎redroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎freshroses‬ ‪#‎vibrantred‬ ‪#‎saysiloveyou‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleur‬ Posted 26 July 2016

T W O   T O N E   R O S E S – Our large two tone blooms for our client @cocoleafurniture . Please check them out for their amazing Aviation furniture collection ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocoleafurniture‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎blushroses‬ ‪#‎boxefroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ Posted 26 July 2016

Very happy to have our boxed roses at the Executive lounge at the Marriott Hotel. Thank you for the support! @melbmarriott ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎melbournehotels‬ ‪#‎Repost‬ @melbmarriott with @repostapp
The power of positivity on a Monday morning in our executive lounge with @cocoluxur blooms @cocodesfleurs ? ‪#‎HappyMonday‬ Posted 25 July 2016

O N   Y O U R   B I K E – Things don’t get done, dreams don’t come true if you sit and catch Mondayitis. Get up, put on your fav gear, feel good and smash goals! ‪#‎mondaysnotsobad‬ ‪#‎getup‬ ‪#‎redceline‬ ‪#‎nudevalentino‬ ‪#‎blushroses‬ ‪#‎retrobikes‬ ‪#‎hippybasket‬ ‪#‎smashgoals‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎celineofficial‬ Posted 25 July 2016

W A T E R   C O L O U R – Artwork from Artist T. Holmes coming to our store very soon. Each piece is originally hand painted and are all one off pieces. Any custom paintings please email info@cocoluxur.com.au ‪#‎watercolour‬ ‪#‎watercolourpainting‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎walkinrobe‬ ‪#‎shoes‬ ‪#‎fierce‬ Posted 24 July 2016

E N O R M O U S – When you have an enormous amount of love ? for someone, you send them our large premium blooms ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎twotoneroses‬ ‪#‎special‬?delivery ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ Posted 24 July 2016

J U S T   B E C A U S E . . . Too beautiful not to share. This popping luxurious box will be displayed at one of the most popular hotels in Melbourne very soon! ‪#‎watchthispace‬ ‪#‎melbourne‬ ‪#‎melbournehotels‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎boxedflowers‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ Posted 23 July 2016

S M E L L   T H E   R O S E S – It’s the weekend so take time out to smell the roses and if there’s a bottle of Moët next the roses, drink the Moët. Saturday special delivery of these sexy vibrant red roses ‪#‎luxurygjfts‬ ‪#‎redroses‬ ‪#‎freshroses‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 23 July 2016

G R A N D    O L D    P A R T Y – Peonies, Hydrangeas, Austins and deluxe roses! Delivered today to a very Pretty Fleur! ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxuryflowers‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cantwaittomakehersmile‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ @cocoluxur @cocodesfleurs Posted 22 July 2016

F R I D A T E – Who is ready for the weekend? Rain, hail or shine keep your plans and enjoy the little things in life! Sending out these lovelies today to a special someone! ‪#‎yearlastingroses‬ ‪#‎realroses‬ ‪#‎preservedroses‬ ‪#‎chanel‬ ‪#‎ferragamo‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎luxuryroses‬ ‪#‎redroses‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 22 July 2016

B R I D E S M A I D S – Will you be my bridesmaid? Forever friendship will shine through when you propose to your friends with our year long lasting roses ‪#‎luxuryroses‬ ‪#‎bridesmaids‬ ‪#‎maidofhonour‬ ‪#‎bridalparty‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Cocoluxur COCO des FLEURS ‪#‎beautifulroses‬ ‪#‎luxury gifts‬ Posted 21 July 2016

E V E R     L A S T I N G    L O V E – Our year long lasting roses have arrived! No water, just love – Lasting the whole year! ? Available tonight online at www.cocoluxur.com.au ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎lastingroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎omg‬ ‪#‎beautifulroses‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ Cocoluxur COCO des FLEURS Posted 21 July 2016

O W N I T – Custom boxed roses with the initial of your favourite person ‪#‎customboxedroses‬ ‪#‎freshroses‬ ‪#‎cocouxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎beautifulroses‬ ‪#‎floristry‬ ‪#‎beautiful blooms‬ Posted 19 July 2016

C E N T R E of Y O U R H E A R T – Let us know today who is the centre of your heart ❤️ We provide custom arrangements with their initial centred by fabulous roses ??‪#‎customboxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬#cocodesfleurs @cocodesfleurs ‪#‎followus‬ ‪#‎beautiful‬ Posted 19 July 2016

G E N T L E M E N – And this is how you propose to a lady. Gents out there, take note. Ladies tag your better half for the hints ? ❤️?? ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎propose‬ ‪#‎redroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎makeithappen‬ @cocodesfleurs @cocoluxur Posted 17 July 2016

B O X E D    B E A U T I E S – Can’t stop staring at these. Another gorgeous box sent to the lovely Rachel ‪#‎Repost‬ @raffffyyy_ with @repostapp
Thank you to @cocodesfleurs for dropping off this box of beauties ??? Absolutely in love!!! Follow @cocodesfleurs & @cocoluxur to see more of her amazing work!
‪#‎flowers‬ ‪#‎beautiful‬ ‪#‎stunning‬ ‪#‎melbourne‬ ‪#‎floristry‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎gifts‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ Posted 16 July 2016

P O P – How these roses pop from the classy black, sent to the beautiful Lidia @shesthecontessa to brighten up her day! Enjoy X ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxuryroses‬ ‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎Repost‬ @shesthecontessa with @repostapp
These pretties have put a smile on my face ‪#‎desksituation‬ @cocoluxur @cocodesfleurs Posted 16 July 2016

O U T and A B O U T – Being held by the lovely @roze_cook. Too many beautifuls in this picture ????
Obsessed with this box of ‪#‎CocoDesFleurs‬ roses that were delivered by @cocoluxur in of the most elegant flower boxes I’ve ever seen. Thank you ?? Couldn’t recommend enough. ‪#‎CocoLuxur‬ ‪#‎Melbourne‬ ‪#‎Roses‬ Posted 16 July 2016

W E E K E N D – When we sing ‘haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake, shake if off, shake it off!’ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎moet‬ @cocodesfleurs ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎drinkup‬ ‪#‎liquid gold‬ Posted 15 July 2016

B L U S H E N V Y – Handing over these gorgeous blushy blooms, will make some envies today!‪#‎minenotyours‬ ‪#‎cocodefleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ COCO des FLEURS Cocoluxur ‪#‎gorgeousroses‬ ‪#‎luxuryroses‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎makesomeonesday‬ Posted 15 July 2016

B R I N G I N G to B R Y N N E – Having so much fun prepping these to send to the lovely Brynne Edelsten @brynne_edelsten Enjoy X ?? ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ @cocodesfleurs @cocoluxur ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎blushenvy‬ Posted 14 July 2016

O H MY – when something so beautiful takes your breathe away. Order yours today www.cocoluxur.com.au ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎specialdelivery‬ ‪#‎specialsomeone‬ ‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎beautifulroses‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 12 July 2016

C H A N E L – What if we say, you can have the boxed roses centered with your favourite mini Perfume, Piccolo Moët/Henkell or chocolate?! Yes please I say! Ask us for custom orders today! ‪#‎staples‬ ‪#‎luxury‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎chanel‬ ‪#‎whynot‬ ‪#‎beautifulgifts‬ ‪#‎roses‬ Posted 12 July 2016

O N   O U R   B I K ES – Busy Monday sending out orders! Let’s do this! Wonder who the special people are?! ‪#‎specialpeople‬ ‪#‎specialorders‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎boxedroses‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎pinkbike‬ ‪#‎peonies‬ ‪#‎peony‬ ‪#‎flowers‬ Posted 11 July 2016

V I E T N A M – How much I adore the streets of Vietnam, just grind and smile. Working on Sunday or a Monday is not working if you are doing what you love. To be on point is to see clearly where you want to be, ignore the dullness around you and concentrate on the colourfuls close to you ‪#‎workhard‬ ‪#‎behappy‬ ‪#‎dowhatyoulove‬#‎inspo‬ #‎beinspired‬#‎keepgrinding‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocodeslfeurs‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎beautifulplace‬ ‪#‎vietnamstreets‬ ‪#‎hochiminhcity‬ Posted 10 July 2016

I N T I M A T E – Having your favourite family and friends over this weekend? Nothing is more intimate than candles, Peonies and French windows. Check out Khloe Kardashians gorgeous setting ‪#‎weekend‬ ‪#‎dinnerdates‬ ‪#‎dining‬ ‪#‎interiordecorating‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎beautifulplace‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎specialocassion‬ Posted 9 July 2016

F R I D A Y N I G H T – Black dress and hot pink lippy ready for a sexy Friday night ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎rosesinabox‬ ‪#‎luxuryroses‬ ‪#‎beaurifuldecor‬ ‪#‎specialocassion‬ ‪#‎preppingfortomorrow‬ Posted 8 July 2016

3,000 likes on Facebook & 8,000 on Instagram! Thank you for the support!
Look out for our new Peony cup cakes in a luxury box! Pre order for the special occasion! ?? @cocodesfleurs ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ @cocoluxur ‪#‎edibleblooms‬ ‪#‎ediblepeonies‬ ‪#‎pinkpeonies‬ ‪#‎blush‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎specialocassions‬ ‪#‎celebrations‬ Posted 7 July 2016

S U N D A Y   M I S T – When I want to feel calm, lush and beautiful, I choose Mademoiselle ‪#‎myphoto‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎cocochanel‬ ‪#‎chanel‬ ‪#‎mist‬ ‪#‎blushrose‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎blush‬ Posted 3 July 2016

C O C O des F L E U R S – Launching our real and edible flowers in a luxury box collection very soon. Stay tuned! Love in a box ❤️?? ‘My thoughts go out to you my immortal love, I can live only wholly with you or not at all’ ~ Beethoven / S&TCity’s Carrie Bradshaw ‪#‎ediblepeonies‬ ‪#‎realroses‬ ‪#‎cocodesfleurs‬ ‪#‎flowerslovers‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎luxurygifts‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 1 July 2016

S U N D A Y R O M A N C E – Photo shoot with some of my Sunday romance. Shimmers, Mady, Portia and Jayde accompanied with Roses, Carnations and Peonies ‪#‎sundayromance‬ ‪#‎flowers‬ ‪#‎peonies‬ ‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎homedecorblogger‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ Cocoluxur Posted 26 June 2016

T H E P A R C E L L S – How beautiful is Rachel Parcell’s home. Such an inspiration, her home is light filled, warm, fresh and just fab. ‪#‎rachelparcell‬ ‪#‎idol‬ ‪#‎beautifulwoman‬ ‪#‎fashionblogger‬ ‪#‎homestyling‬ ‪#‎warmhomes‬ ‪#‎frenchwindows‬ ‪#‎colonialwindows‬ ‪#‎armchairs‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 25 June 2016

C O C O des F L E U R S – Love boxed flowers and want to see more of Coco de fluer? We are now stocking boxes of Roses, Peonies and Posies to suit any special occasion. Pre order your custom box now at www.cocoluxur.com.au ?? #‎cocodesfleurs ‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur ‬ ‪#‎boxesroses‬ ‪#‎qualityroses ‪#‎someonespecial‬  ‪#‎roses‬  ‪#‎flowers‬  Posted 24 June 2016

P A R I S – Last night I dreamt of Paris, not only did I missed the beauty of the iconic Eiffel, but also the feel of romance and the lust in everyone’s eyes. Experiencing Paris in every season would be a dream come true, Paris is what keeps me going! ?? ‪#‎inspo‬ ‪#‎dreams‬ ‪#‎dreamsdocometrue‬‪#‎loveparis‬ ‪#‎reminiscing‬ ‪#‎somethingaboutparis‬ ‪#‎loversnest‬ ‪#‎lust‬ ‪#‎blush‬‪#‎roses‬ ‪#‎parismylove‬ ‪#‎fourseasonofparis‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎takemeback‬ Posted 23 June 2016

C L O U D   N I N E – Wow, our Merino wool throws are so popular, knitting away to keep up with all the chills! Some new color samples for you to see! Light weight wool is just as chunky as heavy weight so cloud nine for all! Order your cloud now www.cocoluxur.com.au ☁️☁️⛄️ ‪#‎merinowool‬‪#‎chunkyknit‬ ‪#‎chunkythrow‬ ‪#‎australianwool‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎warm‬‪#‎winter‬ Posted 21 June 2016

W I N T E R   S T A P L E – This beautiful Calcutta marble fire place is a must have this winter! The rain can drizzle it’s finizzle as much as it wants but this love will keep me safe and warm ‪#‎beautiful‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎fireplace‬‪#‎beautifulfireplace‬ ‪#‎winterstaple‬ ‪#‎winterwants‬ ‪#‎warm‬ ‪#‎wyntonhomes‬‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎floraldecor‬ Posted 18 June 2016

M O O N – The shining moon vase looking gorgeous from our happy customer’s beautiful kitchen @cakesbytrang_ Thank you for the support‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ ‪#‎beautifulkitchen‬ ‪#‎orchids‬ ‪#‎vase‬ ‪#‎vases‬‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 16 June 2016

Our Masen vase looking amazing from a customer’s home. Thank you for the support ‪#‎masenvase‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎decor‬ ‪#‎candles‬‪#‎warmyourhome‬ Posted 14 June 2016

L O V E   ‘E M   C H U N K Y – Your winter days will never be the same. Charcoal, Grey, Vanilla & Chocolate are some of the friends to keep them winter chills locked away! Pre order your piece now atwww.cocoluxur.com.au ‪#‎chunkyknits‬ ‪#‎merinoknits‬ ‪#‎chunkythrows‬‪#‎bedroom‬ ‪#‎throws‬ ‪#‎lounge‬ ‪#‎homewares‬ ‪#‎decor‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 11 June 2016

L O V E – Over 5,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you for the support, definitely feeling the love ?! X ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ ‪#‎followers‬ ‪#‎thankyou‬‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎shopyourpiece‬ ‪#‎pieces‬ ‪#‎decor‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬‪#‎beautifulhomesandgardens‬ Posted 3 June 2016

C H I L L S – Every home needs a fireplace, a cosy corner for a fresh smack in the face kind of morning. What is your favourite fireplace?‪#‎fireplace‬ ‪#‎morningchills‬ ‪#‎cold‬ ‪#‎winter‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ Posted 1 June 2016

M O Ë T – Liquid class and taste from head to toe. Friday feels got me thinking a tub of this is just pure bliss. ‪#‎moet‬ ‪#‎moetandchandon‬‪#‎goldbathtub‬ ‪#‎purebliss‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎champagne‬ Posted 27 May 2016

P A R I S – Been to Paris and still reminiscing it’s unforgettable culture and beauty? No matter how you hold Paris, it’s always a good idea ‪#‎loveparis‬‪#‎pari‬ ‪#‎homedecor‬ shop this piece at www.cocoluxur.com.au ‪#‎parisisalwaysagoodidea‬ ‪#‎cocoluxur‬ ‪#‎beautifulhomes‬ Posted 18 May 2016

C O L O U R  S P L A S H – Adding a pop of colour in a classy dark featured room will leave it vibrant and fun. I love a dark room but you can also offset for a brighter look, add a painting, cushion or a rug and viola! Posted 14 May 2016

F R I D A Y – A day where a beverage is acceptable at all times. For a luxury feel add some flowers for a beautiful finish. Posted 13 May 2016

S P E C I A L S – A huge special delivery of the Moon vase to one of our valued customers. The beautifully crafted vase has a shining bronze finish, the large is perfect for the reception at work or the smaller size for the kitchen table/bench. Shop yours today at www.cocoluxur.com.au Posted 9 May 2016

H A P P Y  M O T H E R ‘ S  D A Y – To all the beautiful mums out there, it’s not just today you ought to be celebrated, it’s every single day. But today… Just make the most! Posted 8 May 2016

B in B -Who is getting Breakfast in Bed on this fine Saturday morning? It’s one of those days where it is a little fresh outside and you have no work to attend to. The time is all yours so why not top it off and get yourself spoilt with Breakfast in Bed. Posted 7 May 2016

H O M E  S T A G I N G – This week’s property special. We had so much fun staging this lovely neat townhouse. The pop of colours from the kitchen was ideal to set the breezy tone. Posted 3 May 2016

O R C H I D – This beautiful succulent plant is suitable for any room of your sanctuary. At times it can be fickle to maintain but keeping it alive makes it worth while or finding an artificial one will have this beauty in your home forever. Shop at www.cocoluxur.com.au for decorative vases for your Orchid. Posted 30 April 2016

T H E  O F F I C E – Never return to work unless your office looks like this. If 1/3 of your day is spent working, never spare on feeling comfortable or fabulous. Posted 26 April 2016

M A S E N  V A S E – Can’t take my eyes off this gorgeous vase which can also be used as a candle holder. Whatever tickles your boudoir. Purchase your piece here! www.cocoluxur.com.au

A R M C H A I R S – Want to occasionally throw in armchairs to your home like you own it? Oh wait… You do! A couple of these in the lounge is a great alternative to a heavy sofa to provide an illusion of more space and also have the practicality of the seatings. Posted 17 April 2016

U N I Q U E – Some beautiful unique pieces coming our way! Be ready for your home to be transformed by your creativity. Posted 12 April 2016

S U N D A Y  B L U S H – Not a feminist, just a lover. Pastel blush makes any area feel soft and comfy, try any beautiful piece here and there, breaking it down with some neutrals. A perfect setting for that kitchen tea, baby/bridal shower or just a deserving Sunday morning. Posted 10 April 2016

S H I N E  S H I N E  S H I N E – When the sun don’t shine, make it happen in your beloved humble abode with our beautiful gold décor selection. Shop this piece at www.cocoluxur.com.au  Posted 8 April 2016

W H I T E – When choosing a paint colour for your home it could be a head scratching decision to make. To maximise space, white is usually the best bet but even so you’ll still need to be tactful on which shade of white that will suit. Natural White & Antique White are usually the Whites that have a balance of light and warmth and will never leave a room feeling clinical and ice cold. Posted 7 April 2016

T H A T  D A Y – That day when you’re so focused on one thing ~ being the best person you can be and never lose sight. ‘The day when Carrie got carried away’ ~ Samantha – Sex and the City. Posted 5 April 2016

F U C H S I A – White faux and fuchsia will doze you away like sleeping beauty on this Monday night. An extra hour for all the working beauties of the day. Posted 4 April 2016

G O L D – And then there was Gold. The lustrous game changer since discovered by mankind. Splash a little or splash a lot into your home and feel rarity of this precious metal. Posted 31 March 2016

M A G E N T A – I’ve always dreamt of a romantic lounge room with pops and splashes of rich colours. Magenta is a strong, vibrant, lustful and boudoir kind of colour! A perfect match to the rich gold. Posted 31 March 2016

R O M A N C E – Everyone wants romance in their life. Blush your days by with these fabulous pastels. Be brave and test your limits mixing pastels with neutral colours. Compliment these tones by natural bright light for that dream you never want to wake up from. Posted 31 March 2016

D R E A M Y – Full height windows will let the light through and make your home shine shine shine. Let the soft natural light in and tone up your favourite room.

C A R R A R A or C A L A C A T T A – For a dreamy romantic home, Marble will add that touch of lustful elegance but which is best? Carrara has movements of cloudy grey veins where as Calacatta’s veins are more defined and prominent. Honing both marble will make it more durable and sustain from etching. Calacatta is also stronger in price, however luxury should never be compromised so let Wynton Homes pty ltd accessorise your kitchen with this classic trend. Posted 30 March 2016

G O L D – A pop of bright Magenta with the approval of gold linears and curves then throw in some contrasting textures and patterns in your lounge for that cosmopolitan look! ‪Posted 29 March 2016

B U I L D – Looking to build? See our partnering builders Wynton Homes pty ltd for a custom build, transparent communication throughout the building process to suit your needs. Build to your desire with quality at an affordable price. Posted 29 March 2016

H A P P Y  E A S T E R ! Wishing you a happy Easter with your loved ones. Posted 27 March 2016

P A S T E L  R O Y A L  G R E Y – Dreaming of feeling like a Royal? Add some pastel greys into your home with hints of blush florals and the crown and throne will appear right before your eyes. Posted 27 March 2016

R O S E G O L D – Something about this majestic pretty liquid gold that is so tranquil, soft and relaxing. Add an item of Rose gold in any of your rooms to feel the luxury. Posted 26 March 2016

V A N I T Y  or  J U S T  V A I N – Sometimes sharing is not caring. Designing an ensuite or a bathroom can be tricky when there is minimal space. Having a double vanity can give your bathroom an extra luxury feel. Vanities do not have to be long just practical for two, add two basins and separate mirrors and voilà! Posted 26 March 2016

L I G H T- Let there be light! A dark room with little light can be perceived as small and dull. If your windows are small, have light coloured window furnishings to maximise the sun’s rays for your soft shines. Posted 26 March 2016